Your first mowing should occur within 1 – 1 1/2 weeks. Mow your lawn on a weekly basis at a height of 2″ – 3″. Mow higher in hotter weather and never more than 1/3 of the total height. Avoid scalping your lawn. Mow in different directions each time you mow to prevent leaning of the grass blades. Always use sharp mower blades.


When you buy fertilizer you will see a set of three numbers on the bag. These numbers represent the following:

  1. Nitrogen – promotes overall grass shoot growth and green color
  2. Phosphorous – promotes strong root growth
  3. Potassium – helps grass withstand stress such as drought or disease

We recommend that you fertilize your lawn every 4-6 weeks. Your lawn is a living organism, just like you. Like you, your lawn needs nutrients to stay healthy, look better and fight disease.


Proper watering is the key to a great looking lawn. Watering in the morning will provide the best results. Watering in the evening will leave your lawn moist too long and will become susceptible to fungi and disease. Watering your lawn less often and more deeply will give your lawn a deep root system. Under normal conditions watering 3 days a week should be sufficient. However, in the hot months of summer if your lawn appears dry and wilted you will need to apply more water.

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